Asset Management

EG Metals’ Asset Management Division specializes in managing the entire reverse logistics process for your IT assets. This process includes onsite pickup, inventory, asset triage, data destruction, and remarketing. These steps allow EG Metals to serve its global customer base with all of their needs throughout the IT Asset Disposition chain.

Inventory and Reporting

EG Metals utilizes a proprietary inventory management system in order to receive, record, and track assets received from our clients. As assets are processed they are tested and refurbished in order to maximize the value return for your retired assets. Once completed our clients received a detailed audit report containing asset information, data security results, and resale value.

Secure Data Destruction

Most customers identify data security as their number one concern in the IT asset disposition process.  EG Metals utilizes both software based destruction and physical data destruction for clients. Software based destruction is performed in accordance with NIST 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization. Utilizing its onsite shredder EG Metals securely shreds and processes data bearing media.


As assets continue to decrease in size they offer unique challenges in management. EG Metals offers life cycle solutions for managing these devices including data wiping, parts sourcing, and resale.