Export Global Metals purchases and transports large quantities of commodities from recycling facilities across the United States and with our long-term established Global Partnerships we are able to provide very competitive pricing and excellence service for your ferrous, non-ferrous and electronic commodities. We handle everything from CCIC inspections to port delivery and container release. Our success depends on the quality of our customers.

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From a healthier planet to change in your pocket, EG Metals is working for you. We know that our community is the key to our success; that's why we offer the most competitive rates, hosted recycling events, and a facility in Hillsboro, Oregon that provides end-of-life processing for electronics and metals -- the only recycler in the Portland Metro area able to offer you this service.

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Recycling is the cornerstone for sustainability. EG Metals sustainability, social and economic strategies are established within our Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Management System and Polices to meet the present and future needs of our customers, employees and communities. As a steward of our environmental resources, EG Metals prides itself on its End-of-Life processing capabilities!

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EG Metals Inc., with facilities in Hillsboro, OR and Dallas, TX, offers scrap metal and electronic recycling services, paying competitive prices for your scrap. We collect, sort, process, buy and sell Ferrous Metals, Non-Ferrous Metals, and Electronics (Computer and Consumer) world-wide, utilizing an environmentally responsible approach. 

We employ our experience and knowledge to safely surpass the expectations of Retail, Wholesale, and Industrial customers. EG Metals Inc. stands as one of the most innovative companies in the scrap metal Industry today!

Electronics Recycling
Every year,almost 4 million tons of electronics reach the end of their useful life, creating a huge need for proper electronics recycling– not only for environmental safety but for consumer privacy as well! At EG Metals we are committed to protecting both.

Our data security ensures that your private information stays that way through materials shredding, while our accreditation as a “R2/RIOS Certified Electronics Recycler” ensures that your electronics are recycled responsibly. Whether your electronics are from the office or the home-office, we will keep them out of the landfill, safely and securely shredding, sorting and processing materials into reusable core commodities.

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Scrap Metal Recycling
Cleaning out your garage? Working on a remodel? Don’t throw your metal items away! At our Hillsboro facility you will find best scrap metal prices portland has to offer  with competitive rates for both ferrous (with iron) and non-ferrous (without iron) metals. When you recycle your unwanted metal household or work place items with us, you can rest a little easier knowing that you are cutting back on land-fill waste and further mining. You’ll also be a part of keeping high quality metals in circulation for manufacturers, through environmentally responsible recycling practices. And not only will you feel good, but you’ll get extra cash in the bargain! We collect metal from business and households alike.

Some commonly recycled metal items that we accept at our are: steel, computers, cast iron, copper wire, automobiles, auto parts, plumbing pipes, aluminum siding, barbeques, car batteries, and much much more. Please see Materials page for the full list, or call us at 503-693-8939 with any questions!

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Materials Shredding
Count on easy,secure recycling and data destruction with EG Metals. At our Hillsboro facility we shred sensitive materials that contain personal data like computers, servers, hard drives, cell phones, ipads. Additionally, EG Metals is capable of shredding paper and other proprietary products. Eliminating any trace of personal information is just one of the steps that we take to ensure the privacy and security of those we partner with.

To learn more about how we protect personal data please call us at 503-693-8939 or read the data security page on our website.

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Part of our mission is to work globally by providing high quality recycled metal to smelters and refiners around the globe. When you recycle your metal scraps and electronics with EG Metals, your discarded items are refined back into the raw materials needed by manufacturers. Instead of mining for more and more resources, we all work together to use the resources that we already have, wisely and sustainably. Refiners and smelters globally can trust that our recycled materials meet the most rigorous standards for quality.

Over the years we have established long-standing partnerships with businesses all over the world who count on us for the highest quality in recycled metals, produced eco-responsibly. To learn more about what we can provide for your company, please reach out to us at 503-693-8939, and let one of our knowledgeable staff assist you.

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We accept a wide range of materials

We are open to the public, Monday through Friday, 8am – 4pm. From automobiles and scrap metal to computers and miscellaneous electronics, we can process your old and unused materials.

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